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YES! Joining is completely free and does not require any payment details. We offer a great package to all our free members, however we do have some premium packages which are there to allow our members to help support the site and keep improvements coming. These packages are optional and offer amazing features to our free users.
YES! We follow strict guidelines to help ensure all information you provide are kept safe and private. When joining we only ask for minimal information to ensure you find the right person/people for you. Your email and contact information are never shared with other members or 3rd parties.

Many E-mail providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL have strict spam filters to prevent spam and junk e-mails from been delivered which can cause your email to be sent to your Junk/Spam folder or not delivered at all.

If you don't receive the confirmation email within 15 minutes, try checking through your Spam/Junk folders. If its not there please add our domain and email address to your contact/safe lists. (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE)

Still no luck? Please try logging in with the username and password that you used when you signed up. As your account hasn't be activated yet you will see a page informing you to activate your account using the link provided in the confirmation email that was sent to your email address. You'll also be provided with a link to resend the email. Before resending be sure you have added us to your contact list to ensure you receive the confirmation email.

We limit accounts to 1 per person. We reserve the right to remove multiple accounts and ban you from opening any more accounts. If you forget your password simply use the "Forgot Password" link. You may open a new account if you close your old account via your settings page.
In the event you wish to close your account simply Contact Us and we will close your account within 3 days. Be sure to include this subject: close account. Access to your account will be available to until our team has processed your request.
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1. Your browser is old.
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Your Profile

Click on the "Account" button in the main menu and select "Profile Manager". You will then see your profile information and edit links for editing different sections of your profile. Simply correct or edit your information and click the save button.
No. We are unable to offer this feature due to the way our system processes your content.
Simply visit your "My Connections" page where you will find these lists. Simply click on the user you want to manage and unfriend, unfavorite or unblock them using the menu on the users profile.

Add Photos - It's well known that profiles with photos gain more views than a profile with no photos.

Write Blogs - Let people into your life and mind by sharing stories, diaries and more. The more they know you the more chances of meeting someone with the same interests as you.

Don't Be Shy - While it can be scary to make the first move and send the first message but chances are the other person feels the exact same. They are here for the same reason as you and thats to make friends and get to know other people.

Be Active - See a Blog, Profile or Photo you like? Add your comment on it and share your thoughts!

Keep It Fresh - Posting new photos and blogs helps keep you in our top search results!


The amount of photos you can upload is subject to your account. You can see how many photos you are allowed to upload by visiting the photo upload page.

Please keep photos clean and of a friendly nature. We do not allow the upload of adult/nude photos!

Also, please only upload photos you have permission to do so. Do not upload photos of famous people ect..

If another member is using your photos please contact us via the contact page so we can deal with it. In some cases we may ask you to upload a picture of you holding a piece of paper with your username/our webiste address written on so we can verify your the person in the pictures.
This generally happens when you are using a device such as an iPhone/iPod/iPad that has the Apple iOS 6 or earlier version. To correct this, we recommend that you either get the Google Chrome app, or upgrade your iPhone/iPod/iPad device. Once you make either of these changes, upload your photo again and it will be oriented in the proper position.


We believe that users should be able to express their thoughts, dreams, hobbies ect.. So we let users post blog posts in which other users can read, discuss and really get to know you.

Note! We may "Reject/Remove" blogs which are considered spam or poor quality

  • Marketing or Promotional content.
  • Copying and pasting content from another website (Poems, Stories ect..) which you don't own.
  • Hate or Offensive posts.
  • Content from private messages from othermembers.


If your account gets suspended please check your email as we will have sent you a email informing you about this. If you didn't get a email please contact us via the contact page.

If you're having issues with another member the first thing you should do is "Block" them. Visit their profile and simply click the "Block" link.

If you're still concerned please contact us via the Contact page and we'll review your complaint and take any action if needed.

Please logout then log back in and your account should now have all features as promoted.

If this doesn't work please allow upto 15 minutes before contacting us in case there is delay.

If you are concerned or are suspicious about a member please share your concerns with our team via the contact page. We strive to offer a safe and welcoming community at all times.

More questions? Please Contact Us